More than a year dealing with Covid-19 has prompted many of us to make significant habitual adjustments. With the extended WFH rituals, we require our living space to be a magical box for various activities, from a creative nesting place, an online schooling space, to a productive home office.

Moms are getting extra pressure to think creatively inside the box they lovingly called ‘home’. Since the WFH enforcement in 2020, our Atelier box is receiving sudden popularity amongst our passionate collectors. So we decided to ask a few people about what they love about our Atelier box.

Some ladies love its simplicity and the open form, as their second carry-on bag. In some airlines, this Atelier box fits snug underneath the passenger seat. The four inner pockets provide storage spaces for personal sanitiser, books, pens, and wallets.

It is transportable storage for binders, files, electronic tablet, laptop, and chargers. Working and online learning all day at home can drive us crazy, so having portable office storage makes it convenient for us to move our workspace around, from the breakfast table, our garden patio, and even to our car.

We designed our Atelier boxes to have a height suitable to place them on cabinets or work stations, for your magazine collection, haberdashery, or painting tools. Periodically we issue different limited edition printed textiles and vibrant colour combinations, so our atelier boxes can give magical themes to your creative spaces.

Have fun organising your space!
Tulisan Chronicles Team

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