Last Wednesday, we spent a balmy evening outdoors with the girls at a concert for an old friend of mine, Janet Klein. The concert was just up the street from us at the Levitt Pavilion Pasadena where they host free evening concerts in the park.

Janet’s sound is vintage South Pacific, early 1900s with a touch of Vaudeville (her Parlor Boys.) Her style is feminine with her auburn 1920s bob neatly pined with large daisy clips, pale skin and cherry red lips.

She is an artist in the truest sense, from her musical talent – playing the ukulele to her design work – designing the covers of her now, 7 albums – Janet is a Renaissance woman.

We were thrilled to have a chance to visit with Janet following her show – Miya was delighted.

Clio was ecstatic, holding on to one of Janet’s albums.

Janet gave me an illustrated poster and her one-of-a-kind sheet music that I will use for practicing my violin!

In return, we gave Janet our “Club Tote” in the Celosia Cristata print which like Janet is classically feminine with a pop of flirt and flair.

Janet Klein and Her Parlor Boys tour the Los Angeles area frequently. Find out more about them and their music here at



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