My lunches are usually quite productive. I spend most bouncing around from place to place, running errands, making phone calls and perusing local shops in search of the perfect [fill in the blank]. But none of this can be done without first grabbing a bite to eat – food first, shopping second.

On this particular occasion, I decided to go up the street to one of my favorite lunch places, The Market on Holly, to grab one of their delicious sandwiches. They have a bevvy of fresh fare and a quaint little bodega attached that carries artisan dry goods, oils, pastas, sauces and spreads.

It was a delightful surprise to run into Melissa and her family! We sat and chatted while I waited for my sandwich and then I was off to explore the local boutiques, but not before getting a good look at the bodega items at The Market.

The packaging of the artisan foods is sometimes the best part. I’m sure they’re delicious but these almost look too good to eat!

Kaitlin McIntyre

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