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Rest assured that we are doing our very best to improve our services. Here's a quick update on our progress.

Last 16 March 2020, Jakarta imposed higher standards for social distancing by urging many businesses and professionals to work from home. In only a short time, our entire team had to adjust our workflow to this change drastically. While maintaining our home shopping services, the biggest challenge for us in a short period of 14 days was to prepare the new systems in the online shopping experience, customer service, production, and logistics.

Tulisan Outer Bag

In the beginning, there were several challenges that we had to solve quickly. First of all, three of our retail outlets which generate our major income had to be closed, while we still need to pay bills for the high monthly overhead. Our office in Darmawangsa Square has only been allowed to maintain our logistics, with a maximum of 3-5 people working in a shorter period of 5 hours a day. When we started this change, only a few of us were accustomed to the advanced technology of virtual project management tools and other digital applications. Many of us had to dive into a speedy learning environment forcefully, for everything in our day-to-day habits change unexpectedly. At the start of April, we were only able to ship on limited days of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Tulisan Fulfillment Process

Packing, boxing, and labeling correctly became a crucial part of our work. Inherently there were human errors that we need to deal with, such as packing the wrong product, misreading a quantity, and placing the wrong label. It's a simple duty, but it takes commitment and a system to deliver a great job. So we set up a shipping assembly line. First, the packer prepares every shipping content according to the packing list. Next in line, the checker ensures the accuracy of the content and applies the shipping label. As the final checkpoint, the wrapper conducts the last control and seals the package for the delivery pick up. If one of the 3 roles discovers a mistake, we pause the entire assembly process until the problem is solved. To ensure everyone's safety and health, we have three teams with different members working on shifts. With this plan, we are now able to minimize errors and run our logistics from Monday to Saturday.

Tulisan Sheets

Every customer's satisfaction and excellent quality control become a daily goal that we aim to foster. Alongside this, we continuously improve tulisan.com to serve you better. Only after a short time operating our brand-new online experience, we have received remarkable reviews from our collectors and new followers about both our products and services. It's been encouraging for our team to receive appreciation messages on our progress. So thank you for your patience and understanding.

Form Kontrol Pengiriman Barang

It's a challenging time for many people and businesses. The state of not knowing what tomorrow will be like often poses serious concerns and fears. To have fear is human and natural. As a team, we learned that courage is not about the absence of fear. Courage is about the agility to respond to this fear. To have courage in facing challenges and uncertainties will give the opening to new opportunities and creativity. Together with you, we have grown our brand organically and fostered a new perspective on hand-made serigraphy in Indonesia. Your love over our brand has supported a fair eco-system of creative minds, designers, and artisans.

Sending you terabytes of thanks,


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