Hand-screened serigraphy on sustainable viscose rayon fibre

A mantilla is a Spanish name for a square scarf worn over the head and shoulders. Our Mantilla is fine hand-screened serigraphy on a viscose rayon from sustainable all-natural wood cellulose fibres. This material is breathable as cotton and smooth as silk. The soft and lustrous quality makes it a carefree and comfortable fabric for the tropical weather. This renewable material is biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Mantilla Scarf colours

It was a challenge to bring this design into production, because of the screen size and the fine fabric. The hand-screened printing process took five times longer than our regular print run because the textile is so delicate. We had to extend preparation time since we had to iron all sheets to achieve the best inking impressions. After, we had to make sure that our printing atelier is extra tidy and clean from specks of dust. The highly porous nature of this fabric enables it to absorb the pigment well and produce brilliant colours.

Screening process

For care and maintenance, please soak and hand-wash in cold water with mild soap for delicate fabrics. Do not twist or rub with force. Make sure to rinse the soap thoroughly. After washing, hang to air dry. Avoid direct sunlight. Do not place in a dryer. To keep the colours, please use a thin fabric (preferably cotton) as an overlay when ironing so that the hot metal iron is not in direct contact with the printed scarf.

Finished prints

Finished prints

There are many ways to wear our Mantilla. You can roll and twist our Mantilla, to wear it as a chic neck shawl or headscarf. As an alternative, you can also wear it as a wrap over your favourite summer dress or skirt. It comes protected inside our traditional Tulisan’s pure-cotton dust bag so that you can keep it safe in your bag as a shoulder blanket when it's a cold day.

We hope you enjoy wearing our limited edition Mantilla. Every piece is handmade with fair and ethical practices.

Have a lovely weekend,

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