blog-coverStep 2: Writing the Stories 

Renowned author Neil Gaiman validates a thought that the process of gathering ideas is a combinatorial process. Meaning, everything made is build on whatever came before us, collecting and gathering pieces of inspiration and experience before being compiled into a new masterpiece. 


This also applies to Melissa Sunjaya’s writing process. At times, her story may be taken from an old Indonesian classical folkstale. But the actual creations are only processed through the archival of experience and stories she has favored since childhood.  


Since all the collection editions have its stories. Melissa would start through simple observation. She often takes two opposing ideas and combines it into the character development. “I would choose a state of mind or emotions. The actual subject, person and or character and would undergo these emotions.” She keeps a notebook with her at all times, and would scribble on the details of people she encounter, the way they strut their walk, the way they uplift their chin, to even the music or eating habits which would be incorporated as the additional flare to the story.  From here on, the process of writing would constantly develop with draft of stories that can extend to four or even seven revisions. After a couple of drafts, Melissa would often spend time to discuss each development with her team for feedback and improvisation. 


The takeaway from all her stories lies in how well she can evoke people’s emotions. Whether it is direct or underlying in pockets of her plots, she ensures her exploration of words remains in the mind and heart of her readers.

It takes more than finding a good idea to make a Tulisan product. Wait for more of our creative process in the weeks to come.

-The Tulisan Chronicles Team

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