West Third Street in West Los Angeles is crowded with cute boutiques, unique galleries and delightful cafes. You will not find ordinary shops or merchants on this walk. My favorite place to stop for coffee in the area is The Little Next Door, owned by two eccentric Frenchmen, Fredo and Nico.

It is hard to miss this place. Their charming outdoor patio is colored in a brilliant ‘Frida Kahlo’ blue, and it reminds me of certain corners in Côte d’Azur and some scenes from Hemingway.

Its name makes you curious about going in, but once you step into this place there is absolutely no chance for one to refuse any of their gorgeous desserts and baked goods. They also offer a wide selection of homemade jam. Everything is ultra delicious!


We met the owner Nico and the manager Sue when we were there. These lovely people invited us for deserts and would not allow us to pay for any of our indulgence. Thank you, Sue and Nico! We will be back.

Kisses, Melissa

PS: Follow them on Twitter via @littlenextdoor and Facebook Page for your dose of daily treats!

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