Giclée Batavia Hotel

Rp 650.000


Giclée Print adalah reproduksi digital dengan standarisasi pengarsipan kualitas museum, dicetak di atas kanvas yang dibingkai dengan kayu.

If one ever take a walk down south from Stadhuis – the old statehouse now known as Fatahillah – and follow the canal to make a turn on the corner of the street, he would recall a mansion where this story took place. It had been a governor’s residence in the old days and its touch of renaissance breathed life into the building. The pillars in front of the building kept its elegance, despite the narrow alley it was located. The alley was dense, you could find another building a few step across the road, but that did not matter for the guests. Guests came, lured by Hotel Batavia’s reputation. The proprietor bought the building from the governor’s son who struggled to pay his debt. I had heard many old stories of the hotel, when the mansion was quiet and reserved only for the governor’s friends and family. These days, people talked of the hotel as a place where happiness was found. Passers by claimed to have stayed in the hotel and guests admitted to have found their source of happiness there. All these talks might only be an act to disguise what really happened inside the hotel. Read more.

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20 x 25 x 4 cm
7.87 x 9.84 x 1.57 inci

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