Luna Tote: Wonder Red Wine TLU1402-RW

Luna Tote: Wonder Red Wine TLU1402-RW

‘the creature of wonder dances
through the windows of our limitations
reminding us to take our chances
with our dreams and imaginations’
– by Melissa Sunjaya

Hobo Tote: Wonder Yellow Olive (THO1402-YO)

Hobo Tote: Wonder Yellow Olive (THO1402-YO)

Catch the final Prints Editions of
Wonder Yellow Olive { 1402-YO } & Wonder Red Wine { 1402-RW }

Limited availability: only 20 – 40 exclusive pieces per styles

at Tulisan Boutiques
Lucky Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Plaza Senayan, Level 2
09.00am – 09.00pm

Darmawangsa Square, Ground Floor
10.00am – 10.00pm

This special day in February marks the final season for our Wonder Prints Edition. The design for this art nouveau inspired collection was derived from the Anima playing card set. This unique card set was the product of a special collaboration with my friend, Sébastien Théraulaz. Illustrating these cards was such a delightfully memorable experience that I wanted to share with you the inspiration behind the catfish card…

I wanted to make the Joker cards something special. So, to complete the Anima deck, I picked the quirky catfish to symbolize a divine oracle. Catfish are bottom feeders, yet they are acutely sensitive to the sights and sounds of their environments. I found their ability to adapt and thrive in murky circumstances inspiring. I envisioned the Oracle of the Divine Catfish to be a simple soul who inspires us to acknowledge the limitations of our physical reality and embrace what our dreams and imaginations have to offer.

What inspires you to overcome your limitations and embrace the wild unknown?
I would love to know!

xxx, M. S.

Photography by Michał Górzyński
Model by Azzura Nadia Pongai
Collection Design by Melissa Sunjaya, Weina Ding & Michał Górzyński
Illustration by Melissa Sunjaya

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