There is a mania sweeping over Tulisan’s office. Everybody is sketch-crazy.

It started during a lull betwen waves of flocking visitors on the Camden Market as Suryo sat down and began to doodle. What  started as an idle curiosity soon turned into actions. Melissa give an impromptu lectures on shapes shadings and fluidity of line, while Suryo provide the more technical aspects on how to draw object using grid to get the right proportion of things. Soon everyone in Tulisan, from finance to logistics, was into it. Melissa encouraged sketchers further by sharing tips and tricks as well as her favorite gel-pens.

Today, I would hear tiny sound of graphite swishes on paper and faces rapt in attention during breaks. The creativity in the air is contagious, I raised my pencil and gladly join the madness. -xox, Shalimma Robbiaswaty

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