“Where we love is home – home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts,” writes American poet Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Despite often spending our time away from home, meeting new people, exploring new places, wandering and working for our fulfillment, home is a comfortable place we always return to momentarily take us away from the city’s hustle and bustle.


With Jakarta always pulsating with a dynamic energy, home becomes an important reassurance – a place to soothe us from the constant apprehension the city may bring.

While we create a home based on our own needs and ideals. Not many homes are as unique as Krishni Swandayani’s one-bedroom apartment. Located in business district of Kuningan at Rasuna Said, this apartment is favored especially for its designed aesthetics.


The owner herself, known by her friends as Ani, is a motion graphic artist of the multi-disciplinary brand Tulisan. Together with her husband, Hizki Sunjaya, they have decided to pare-down the actual construction of the apartment and focus on unfussy details of concrete floors and white walls – reason being, the couple preferring low maintenance and simplicity in their home.

To make up for the bare space, as a proud admirer of the brand since its inception, Ani has instead paid great attention to the pop colors the products offer to her home.


Upon setting foot to the apartment, we are easily welcomed on the right to a modest kitchen and dining area that stands opposite to the cozy living room. Every corner offers an amazing treatment. The living room’s sofa is lightened up with the twinge of color on its pillowcase. Taken from one of Tulisan’s oldest illustrative collection, the ‘Lucernia.’ The enchanting display of the poster ‘Delightfully Yours,’ on the walls of the dining table perfectly encapsulate the warm atmosphere a kitchen should have, as the story tells us of a grandmother who adores baking sugary delicacies for her loved ones.


Among the other spaces – made for gatherings and social interactions – the bedroom is Ani’s private solace to let her contemplative thoughts and imagination let loose. The perfect room to be decorated with a modern illustrated interpretation of the fairytale ‘Admiral Kasarung.’ Along with it sits a treasured heirloom from her grandmother, an antique study desk she painted white, serving its functional purpose.

I’m a very monotone person,” explains Ani, confirming to us the reason why Tulisan’s product is able to transform her one-bedroom apartment into a colorful home filled with charming tales to take her away from the chaotic city.


– Athina Ibrahim

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