The Art of Coffee is the first collaborative effort by Tulisan and Anomali to promote the wealth of resources in Indonesia. Inspired by the collective effort in promoting sustainability of operations, The Art of Coffee honors the artisanal craftmanship of its product by treasuring the genuine connection towards nature, communities, and the arts.

Anomali and Tulisan strives on the same ideals of improving quality of its product by using sustainable methods to foster a healthier environment and a fair working condition. Both Tulisan and Anomali invest time in training and employing artisans in Indonesia to establish a product of quality.

The Art of Coffee:
01 | 100gr Anomali Coffee Beans, Anomali Tumblr, Latte Shaker, Coffee Press, Tulisan Tea Towel – IDR.940,000
02 | 100gr Anomali Coffee Beans, Anomali Tumblr, Latte Shaker, Paper Filter, Pour Over Kit V60, Tulisan Tea Towel – IDR. 760,000
03 | 600gr Anomali Coffee Beans, Tulisan Tea Towel, Tulisan Box Packaging –  IDR. 425,000

Available Delivery Service
Come to Tulisan Shops in Darmawangsa Square City Walk 

580_EDT_150629_Anomali_hampers_pricing_02 580_EDT_150629_Anomali_hampers_pricing_03

Photography by Michał Górzyński

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