For the longest time, Indonesia has been one of the biggest producers of coffee in the world. Coffee itself is considered a staple drink for Indonesians.


The much senior folks often choose indulging in dark and bitter black coffee, while the increasing fad of coffee cultures and cafe’s around Indonesia has the youth option for various options of milk-based coffee as cappuccino or latte’s.


Whatever the kind, the love for coffee has transcended throughout the years for anyone and everyone. This month should be the perfect month to celebrate the love of coffee with a friendly gift.

The Art of Coffee:
01 | 100gr Anomali Coffee Beans, Anomali Tumblr, Latte Shaker, Coffee Press, Tulisan Tea Towel – IDR.940,000
02 | 100gr Anomali Coffee Beans, Anomali Tumblr, Latte Shaker, Paper Filter, Pour Over Kit V60, Tulisan Tea Towel – IDR. 760,000
03 | 600gr Anomali Coffee Beans, Tulisan Tea Towel, Tulisan Box Packaging –  IDR. 425,000

Available Delivery Service
Come to Tulisan Shops in Darmawangsa Square City Walk 


Photography by Michał Górzyński 

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