When we went with the Bluelounge team to Convivium for Sergio’s birthday, we knew we were in for a treat. Indeed, the restaurant not only serves authentic Italian cuisine – it also pampered us with the creative details in between the gaps.

I love the simple embellishments that were found all over the place. It created a mixture of Southern Italian style with the comfort of Indonesian warmth.

The playful patterns they use for the tile reminded me of the old colonial Governor’s house in Java. It was uber-chic!

Oh, and just like how we adore handmade items, Convivium served fresh ingredients from their kitchen! Their bread is freshly made and fresh vegetables garnish the plate. They also served a complimentary bread stick to nibble on as guests wait for their orders to come.

The scene was almost complete however their famous Red Velvet Cake was not available. But, with a good crowd to laugh with, I don’t think we should be too greedy.

Rassi Narika

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