I was happily snapping away with my camera when a sudden feeling of “hey-I’ve-been-here-before” almost knocked me off my feet.  The throes of freshly-arrived tourists whisked me away from the cramped corridor and  on to the next room as I  blinked myself back to reality.

The two hour tour inside the Udaipur City Palace has barraged me with thousands of visual stimulations. The colors, the patterns, the details, are too intense to be processed all at once. So I shoved the goosebumps and giddiness somewhere in the back of my mind.

With a sudden revelation over a marvelous Indian vegetarian dinner, I jumped with glee. It’s not that I’ve been there before but I’ve seen a picture of it on the web and love it so much, I’ve been mentally visiting the room time and again.

So I might not be a reincarnated person after all, but it wouldn’t make my happiness any less, for even daydreams do come true in this lifetime.

 Shalimma R.

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