No one could avoid the homey and warmth of Tulisan’s Flagship Store in Darmawangsa Square. It was a world of wonder created through the magic of Didi Hersubeno’s hand.

Didi co-founded Tulisan with Melissa, her daughter, and put foundations on Tulisan’s values and principals. Her detailed nature brought in every fond retail experience that she had been in and customize them for Tulisan.

She self-picked furniture, lamps, floorings, and paints; add the touch of essence oil to the room; and treat you with her home-made hot tea when she is around for a chat.

From the façade to the pantry area, Didi imparts her energy every time she walks in, passing it to each product she touches. Every thing is specifically aligned for an eye treat.

Her heart and mind interact with every single detail in the store, creating an experience that even I – who come every day of the week – could never get weary of . – Rassi Narika

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