A recent trip to the Natural History Museum in downtown Los Angeles took me back in time and revealed what a rich and extraordinary history our planet has.

This amazing museum is full of wonderfully engaging details. Even the signs and wall text employ vibrant colors and bold typography, which enchant visitors along every step of the way.

Each section was clearly explained with illustrated diagrams and user friendly touch-screen monitors.

Each tableau provided a fresh and informative perspective and really connected the prehistoric fossils to our existence today.

It was also fascinating to remember just how layered and intertwined our histories are.  The fact that birds are related to dinosaurs is amazing.  It reminded me that if you are able to adapt to new challenges, you will always be able to soar.

A special section for kids allowed children to be little paleontologists.  They absolutely loved getting to piece together a plastic dinosaur skeleton. It was like solving a gigantic puzzle!

Our trip was not merely about acquiring knowledge, but also about gaining a new perspective on life.

It’s incredible that one can be inspired today by fossils that are 40,000 years old!

I think of evolution as the process of enduring, and even thriving, when new challenges are thrown our way.  If we allow our souls to be generalists rather than specialists, we will always be able to find contentment, no matter where we find ourselves.

 Triple kisses, Melissa Sunjaya


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