Born in the month of June 21 – July 22, Cancers are the homebodies from the rest of the zodiac family. They enjoy the pleasure of the home and their families. Often they enjoy to retreat in their crabby shell as they surrender in their restless mood. In receiving gifts, the Cancers in general will be open to a heartfelt and sincere gift but they do appreciate the gift when presented in a gracious way.


Select a Tulisan gift which will impress their tendencies to devour in anything relating to the home. We recommend going for our selection of the Home Collection: Cushion Covers, which will keep them glued to their comforts of a sofa reflecting on life as they drink down glass of wine. The Cushion Cover comes in various prints but we recommend to go for the Luca Collection of Smokey Night to complement their rather reserved personality or go for the bright Fuchsia Desert which suits their birthstone color Ruby.

– Athina Ibrahim

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