Born in the month of May 21 to June 20, Gemini’s are said to be one of the talkative bunch in the zodiac group. Their two-face symbolic sign signifies a face of duality, they are all about pairs. The yin and the yang, the good and the evil, they can choose to be one thing and also the opposite other. When it comes to gift giving, their natural curiosity needs to be intrigued, they are naturally social people and enjoy a youthful adventure in the outdoors.


When considering a Tulisan gift, go for the Coterie Bag which perfectly captures their multi-functional tendencies. This is both a bag which also keeps a foldable picnic mat inside. Useful for spending some time in the outdoors with good friends, good food, and great company of friends. Keeping themselves entertained by nature while also enjoying the downtime intellectual talks with their peers becomes the double enjoyment they prefer. The Coterie Bag comes in various colors and prints, but knowing Gemini’s element is Air, we recommend to opt for the Luca collections in Blue Note or Light Coco.

– Athina Ibrahim

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