Last year, we gave a quick choice for the Virgos born in the month of August 23 to September 22 and settled with our lofty Toy Box. As we know Virgo’s trait to focus on the  nitty-gritty of details. Be reminded Virgo’s are exceptional perfectionist. They may be practical but they yearn for finer things in life which they can neatly organize at any given moment.

Our recommendation this month, falls to our reliable Journalist Tote. A handy complementary feat to the busy Virgo who work their way through disorganization with their notebooks, journals, or documents in tact and other life’s valuable carried on constant mobility. The journalist tote you can choose comes in the color Fuchsia Dessert which suit Virgo’s birth color, Sapphire or select the Smokey Plum Journalist Tote which shines their birth element, Earth, with the ideal feature of the Marigold flower.

– Athina Ibrahim 

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