Tea Towel, Originals Edition of Anima Series, 
featuring Melissa’s illustration of a barn owl.

Tea Towels have various functions. It can be a napkin, placemat, table runner, or a even a bathroom towel. With these new home collection Anima series, choose the usage of your Tea Towel wisely!

Ancient Greek philosophers believed that four classical elements were the basic constituents of all matter. These elements were Earth, Water, Air and Fire. As we are mortal beings, all of our elements eventually return to the universe.

The Lynx above is from the Ignis Kingdom (Fire Element) as The Empire of Founders. Whereas the wise Barn Owl is from the Aer Kingdom as The Guild of Transcendental Alchemists.

Decorate your home with the ANIMA Home Series we have in store!

Available at our Darmawangsa Square and Plaza Senayan store.


Tea Towel, Originals Edition of Anima Series,
featuring Melissa’s illustration of lynx.

Photography by Hotmaida Nainggolan
Illustrations by Melissa Sunjaya
Collection Design by Melissa Sunjaya & Weina Ding

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