After seven years of not setting foot in her homesoil, a fully grown woman returned. And my friends and I came along for the ride.


Earlier this year, my college best friends and I succeeded on convincing our friend Avi to take us to her hometown. Being the oldest in the family, Avi, has spent her years being the backbone of her family. She works hard. Often to the point of forgoing the luxury of coming home during the yearly Lebaran break.


My working days are often spent in Jakarta, where the suffocating grey sky has become a norm. But as I set foot in Padang, I couldn’t help but compare how the sky looks majestically blue. A mesmeric view that only got beautiful as we explore through the depths of the town.


We gossiped and giggled our way through a narrow winding road. Occasionally silenced by the surroundings as nature demanded our awe and respect. West Sumatra has everything from lakes, beaches, waterfalls to green hills and rocky mountains. Not to mention, the food that is as rich as sumptuous as the land we set foot upon.


The sun was beginning to set as we passed the very vast Danau Singkarak. We stopped to enjoy our last dusk in West Sumatera. The sky gradually changed its colors and blessed us with one of the most spectacular sunset I ever witnessed. Sitting there overwhelmed — being in Avi’s hometown and among friends — I also found my comfort to almost call this home.

– xox, Shalimma R

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