Take my hand and run with me through the dark tunnels and small streets.
Sit with me by the old station, to write a journal full of love and hope.
Promise me to record all good things, remember the whimsical moments,
and dispose any unnecessary memories.

Triple kisses, Melissa Sunjaya


Designed by Myra Bianda and Melissa Sunjaya, the Traveller’s Clutch is an old fashioned organizer with a string closure (closed size: 18 x 23 cm, opened size: 46 x 18 cm). It comes with a 200-page A5 journal, zipped pocket, compartments for cards, bills and travel documents.


Available for IDR 618,000 in 4 colorways:
Marigold Green Grass (CTR1203 – GG)
Marigold Fuchsia Fantasia (CTR1203 – FF)_x0003_
Luca Fuchsia Desert (CTR1206 – FD)
Luca Orange Tangerine (CTR1206 – OT)


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