Nothing gets me more excited than putting a fedora hat on when I am out for a stroll. It really adds up the feeling of adventure when traveling – and for me that includes a walk to the next-door noodle kiosk. When my hat is on, I expect surprises in every corner.

The art of packing a fedora hat is tricky, but here’s the magic:

  • The flexible and soft panama hats may break with excessive strain and frequent rolling.
  • Best shapes for rolling are Classic& Colonial styles in ivory color.
  • The hat may be rolled or folded carefully by placing one hand inside and pushing crown outwards. Flatten gently and roll it from one side forming a cone.
  • To fold it, start the same way and when hat is flat gently fold once in the middle bringing brims together. this is the best way to transport your hat in luggage.
  • Hats should not be left rolled or folded for extended periods of time.
  • Crochet hats are more readily rollable or foldable and will weather harsher treatment than a woven hat.

With this in hand, I am ready for my next wandering session! – Rassi Narika

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