Step 9: Final Products

After following through all the eight process of sitting to brainstorm, create concepts, stories, and getting down and dirty by being hands on towards the constructions of the bag. The products you see on display can finally be delivered to your doorstep. While the creative process may seem to end right here, there are various aspects to be checked to showcase the final product as a whole. From here on, the products completed will be organized by the production team while the creative team keeps their gear on to prepare for the lookbook and final product presentation. Burst of colors, fabrics, and extra ornaments are needed for the packaging of the products. At times, recycled transparent plastic bags are re-used as the final cover of the bags which are shipped abroad to avoid waste.

Tulisan’s artist-illustrated editions are also divided into three classifications of art work: Prints Editions, Original Editions, and Collectors’ Edition ‘By Ms with Love’.

Here are a few of the things which should be considered after from products are completed:

1. Photoshoot


2. Packaging


3. Visual Display (Visual Merchandising)



“Tulisan products are designed to be a messenger of a dream or a wish to others. When they touch another person’s life, they become a work of art and bear the story of their guardian.” – Melissa Sunjaya, Founder and Artist behind Tulisan


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Step 7: Editing Material and Construction
Step 8: Quality Control

– Tulisan Chronicles Team


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