Last February, KDM opened their campus for more than 500 people whose life crossed path and touched by KDM. It’s their 40th anniversary, so they have all the reasons to throw a big celebration for the achievement. Yet, the celebration remained modest and personal despite the large number of guests coming. A warm smile or hugs splurged from the children, staff, and fellow volunteers. Pak Benny, KDM Director, seemed to be the busiest man of the day. Every one wanted to congratulate him for the milestone and he enjoyed meeting one person at a time, letting them know how KDM thanked them for being there and taking part in the 40 years of journey.

The day was filled with volunteers reunion, performances from the children, and art auction of the children’s handcraft. Jenny, one of our Pepe Doll maker created a collage made out of paper quilt. The bid went to 6 digits and the money from the bidder went straight to the children’s saving account. The committee also prepared a book compiling KDM’s journey and stories from its birth to where they stand right now. They gave the book for free to the guests that day. In addition, KDM gave Certificates of Appreciations to parties who had affected the existence of KDM. Tulisan team was also honored to be mention in their list of appreciations for the Pepe Doll Project we had been doing together.

Towards the end of my day, a familiar warm feeling filled me.  A story of a KDM alumni who now had become a Commando of Navy in Sumatra, a choir of children wearing ulos singing to the late Pak Lumy’s favorite song, and waiting for my plate of Spaghetti Bolognese made by Slamet. He spent the whole morning preparing pans of spaghetti that tasted so good, it was out in 10 minutes. Seeing the Pepe Apron we gave was tied around his waist, was my highest moment of the day. Happy birthday KDM and many greatness to come! xRs.

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