Etude2 - Smokey Brown

Etude2 – Smokey Brown


Etude2: Blue Note

Beloved Friends,

{  E  T  U  D  E  2  }

the Second Prints Edition of
Lelono: Surat No. 03,
will be released on
Thursday, 19 April 2018,
from 10.00 AM until closing

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Lelono: Sonata2 & Etude2



Etude2: Mungil Bag – Smokey Brown


Etude2: Pouches – Smokey Brown

The research relating to this collection started at the end of 2016,
in the midst of several global polarity nuances which effected the current cultural and human behavior shifts. There were two pivotal circumstances which were to be fully recognized in order to maintain stability in a civilized community.


Etude2: Essayist Bag – Blue Note


Etude2: Pouch & Bésame Mucho – Blue Note

First was the rapid flow of digitalization which superseded development efforts towards a more effective learning system. Second was Indonesian’s Gini Coefficient (0,4) in 2017 which served as an unsettling gauge on the disparate gap of income and wealth distributions, compared to its neighboring countries. Amongst the population of 260 million people in Indonesia whom many experienced discontents over those 2 mentioned circumstances, I wished to formulate a fresh perspective which could give hope and pragmatic solutions.

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Artwork by Melissa Sunjaya
Program Director by Arya Irhasdinata
Curatorial by Melissa Sunjaya & Muhammad Zulfadly
Photography by Zharfani Padmasedhana
Pra & Post Production by Bima Chris
Videography by Rahma Ayu & Krishni Swandayani

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