‘Semua manusia punya pilihan dalam memandang kehidupan. Seperti yang dilakukan Melissa Sunjaya dalam setiap karyanya. Apa yang dia alami, baca, dengar, lewat hatinya bisa berubah jadi suatu kejutan manis yang ditunggu banyak orang. Kita semua punya pilihan ini dalam hidup; melihat sesuatu dari sudut pandang berbeda. Tak terkecuali mereka yang sedang merasakan kesedihan atau kegelapan. Mau terus menangis atau bangkit dan mulai memeluk kehidupan dengan segala warna di dalamnya? Berbagai kejutan indah dalam hidup akan senantiasa menghampiri kalau semangat dalam jiwa selalu ada.’
– Sarah Sechan


‘Bio Fantasy’ is a tribute to Chairil Anwar, depicting a series of visual and storytelling experiments inspired by abstract microbes and their relation to human emotions. Six art prints by Melissa Sunjaya were selected especially for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and are a prelude to our Bio Fantasy illustrated editions which will debut on 28 October 2015.

During the month of October all proceeds from the exhibit will benefit underprivileged patients receiving palliative care from dr. Maria Witjaksono.


LIFE IN PINK (See, Understand & Love) 
A Breast Cancer Awareness campaign
brought to you by Monolog Coffee & Tulisan
at Monolog Coffee in Plaza Senayan, Jalan Asia Afrika
1 – 31 October 2015

Seeing the facts will give us knowledge.
Understanding our options will empower us.
Loving every molecule of our being will give us peace.
Now is the time for us to fight breast cancer.


Each special work includes a short story and a red film lens for a second layer viewing experience. Available in petite size: 250 x 200 x 40 mm (Rp.650,000) and in medium size: 500 x 650 x 40 mm (Rp.2,000,000). Giclée orders will take 5 working days – FREE shipping is included.

Warmest Regards, Tulisan Chronicles Team

(Photography by Michal Gorzynski)

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