Traveling is never about the distance for me. It is about the journey and being on the road. So, it is important for me to pack light and bright.

I use the Medium Cube to store outfit and beach wear. It keeps everything neat and allows me to color code.

Toiletries and body care fit in the Small Pouch. It is an easy grab and go.

Putting sandals and flats inside a Large Pouch keep the sand away from littering my bag. It can even store your high heels – for a possibility of fancy nights.

And books! A must bring. I love spending my travel, reading. It really adds up to the journey. Usually I brought a couple that could fit inside a Small Pouch.

I load everything inside a Tulisan Atelier Box and bring it with me into the cabin or for a day trip to the beach. How do you travel? – Rassi Narika

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