JOU_LUCA1206_DREAMAWAY_01 The Dream Away Series include all the styles designed for a perfect day at the park or the beach.JOU_LUCA1206_DREAMAWAY_02 JOU_LUCA1206_DREAMAWAY_03 JOU_LUCA1206_DREAMAWAY_04 JOU_LUCA1206_ROAMAROUND_01 The Roam Around Series include all styles designed for a chic stroll around town.JOU_LUCA1206_ROAMAROUND_02 JOU_LUCA1206_ROAMAROUND_03 JOU_LUCA1206_ROAMAROUND_04 JOU_LUCA1206_RUNAWAY_01The Runaway Series include all styles designed for traveling.JOU_LUCA1206_RUNAWAY_02 JOU_LUCA1206_RUNAWAY_03 JOU_LUCA1206_RUNAWAY_04 JOU_LUCA1206_RUNAWAY_05All styles are available in fuchsia desert and orange tangerine.

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