Persinggungan: Irisan

I imagined how romantic Jakarta could be, if only the street vendor culture could be preserved and refined following the progress of time…” —Excerpt from Surat 2, by Melissa Sunjaya


“…In due course I discovered there were many people who appreciated the harmony of life…” —Excerpt from Surat 2, by Melissa Sunjaya



“…A cart merchant offered affordable food and entertainment for many people. If I were to take my fantasy seriously, maybe I would sell ‘putu mayang’, a Javanese desert which reminded me of my childhood…”  —Excerpt from Surat 2, by Melissa Sunjaya



“…This is not impossible to apply even though I only dream of it. In other parts of the world, a healthy and friendly community had been built by the humble activities of street vendors and fresh markets, just as pictured in my daydream…” —Excerpt from Surat 2, by Melissa Sunjaya



From this dream, I reckoned that consumers who cared for the environment would encourage the industry to be more responsible—Excerpt from Surat 2, by Melissa Sunjaya



“…I asked myself, “How could I participate in destroying the veil which had prevented me from reaching my dream?—Excerpt from Surat 2, by Melissa Sunjaya


“…Ten years ago, while still dreaming away, I was promenading through Jakarta’s congested street markets and traditional stores. In spite of the heat, traffic, dust, and dirt, I absolutely enjoyed walking in this city…” —Excerpt from Surat 2, by Melissa Sunjaya


“…I walked to one corner of town, where there were a bunch of silkscreen workshops. Silkscreen printing in Jakarta is a method used to manufacture promotional items such as t-shirts, caps, and so on…” —Excerpt from Surat 2, by Melissa Sunjaya


Read full in “Surat No. 2”

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Artwork by Melissa Sunjaya
Photography by Zharfani Padmasedhana
Style Director by Aji Bagjaraya
Stage Designer by Farid Irnaldi

Tulisan Chronicles Team



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