Melissa Sunjaya

Melissa Sunjaya



Beloved Friends,
will be released this coming
Wednesday, 27th of September 2017,
at all of Tulisan Jakarta Boutiques,
in Colony Kemang, Plaza Senayan,
and Darmawangsa Square The City Walk.

Please find the link below for full catalog
Persinggungan: Relasi

Relasi: Metropole Bag - Blue Capri

Relasi: Metropole Bag – Blue Capri

Cartesian product of 2 sets or more: A process of finding the balancing locus within ourselves and the human connections. With this balance, everyone will earn self-independence and foster a better connection with others.

Relasi: Mochila Bag - Green Winter

Relasi: Mochila Bag – Green Winter

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Artwork by Melissa Sunjaya
Casts by Nadine Hassan & Sherine Hassan
Photography by Zharfani Padmasedhana
Style Director by Aji Bagjaraya
Stage Designer by Farid Irnaldi

Tulisan Chronicle Team

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