Last week, we managed to take Myra out for an afternoon tea session at Tirtayasa – a home of Melissa’s and  Tulisan’s first headquarter before we moved into the store. As Tulisan’s Head of Operations, Myra leads the team that has been preparing the production lines for our international debut.

For the past couple of months, she has been splitting her time between the workshop, the factory, and the store so it was nice to have a quiet moment for a proper chat over tea.

I always love Myra’s quirky style, she’s a little bit of everything: plain but playful, colorful but subtle. She was wearing Tulisan’s stole to cover her hair and it looked fantastic.

By the end of the day we agreed that the stole is our new favorite thing after Tirtayasa’s home-fused Jasmine tea. Both always give a nice little reprieve from the daily routine.

Rassi Narika

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