We are deeply grateful for the generous supports given by those who believe in Tulisan. Since the establishment of this organization in 2010, all members of Tulisan have committed to present the best of this nation’s self-made products. As a professionally appointed CEO, I have personally watched how this organization has been formed joint-by-joint, with maximum hard work from its members which are a relatively small group in comparison to its vast operations. 

There are many work stages which are rarely known by our customers, starting from research phase, conceptual development, until the installation of the final artwork on all displays of Tulisan stores. This cycle always requires a 2-year-work from ‘Tulisan Art Division’, before a collection is launched for public. Each mechanism of this process has always been documented in a precise manner for the benefit of an annual evaluation. Our objective in each of this evaluation has always been for an increased work quality and paradigm. 

Besides the technical documentations and strategic budgeting, every artwork is registered as an article with protected intellectual property rights. Our country has ensured protection over intellectual property rights through our legal constitution no. 28 in the year 2014. The registration of all intellectual properties are a big part of our commitments in delivering excellent services. We are aware that Tulisan’s customers have been collecting our designed editions based on their love towards art and appreciation towards our work values. 

Based on this awareness alone, all members of Tulisan strive to present a collection of artwork which are genuine and certified. Every product designs are also underlined to always use eco-friendly materials, sustainable methods, and fair work ethics. Infringements of Tulisan copyrights have often happened. As a solution, our team have given practical explanations regarding the principles of this law. So far, all of these cases have been successfully handled through legal actions or democracy.

Based on our total commitment in bringing this Indonesian artwork to an international platform, we deeply regret to find a local brand which has imitated the entire Tulisan products lines, including bags and their coordinating accessories. This plagiarism acts have encompassed duplications of our cutting patterns, sewing method, dimensions, functions and shapes. Witnessed by all fans and believers of Tulisan, we hereby request that all parties, involved in the infringements of Tulisan copyright and design, to make prompt recovery steps and to contact our management as soon as possible. 


Muhammad Zulfadly
Chief Executive Officer
PT Tulisan Susunan Tinta

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