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Be the first to know about Tulisan new collection of 2018:
“Surat No 3: Lelono”
Signing session with Melissa Sunjaya
Wednesday, 24 January 2018
10.00 am to 12.00 pm
at Tulisan Boutique
in Colony Kemang, Ground Floor No 2
Jalan Kemang Raya No 6, South Jakarta

This event is open for public

Please find the link below for full catalogue
Surat No 3 – Lelono: January Release


This 2018 Collection is based on Letter No. 03, titled LELONO. As a continuation of Letter No. 01 which examined the relation between mankind and nature, then as a sequel to Letter No. 02 which studied human interactions, Letter No. 03 is about a pilgrimage journal on self-introspection. LELONO is about an artist’s escapade in between various polarities of life. Receptiveness in learning new viewpoints and bravery in evaluating oneself set a crucial course in discovering an authentic identity in the globalization era.



In Javanese language, LELONO means journey. I first discovered this word when reading TAKDIR, by Peter Carey–a comprehensive essay depicting the life of Prince Diponegoro. Winning or losing was not the significant a airs of his journey. The essence of Java War was about his understanding of the meaning of dignity, mankind’s inner treasure which is valued larger than material wealth. So it is, the word ‘Lelono’ to me is about a spiritual voyage in hope to apprehend an authentic wisdom of life in 3 dimensions: mind, body, and soul.



Sonata1: Declaration Bag – Light Snow

For this 2018 Collection, Tulisan Art Division and Melissa proudly present 3 new designs:
’Declaration bag’ is a lightweight and practical sling bag for unisex, under the Originals line.



‘Essayist bag’ is a sling bag with inspired by the academic lifestyle, under the Prints line, and ‘City Tote’ is a classic design of the Prints 2010 line which we re-designed with a summery and feminine silhouette.


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Artwork by Melissa Sunjaya
Photography by Zharfani Padmasedhana

Tulisan Chronicles Team

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