Siesta Tote

Embun – Siesta Tote

Love opens our hearts and minds
to unlimited possibilities
Love is the only reason
for our existence
Love is a universal gift
that does not choose sides
Love is my unconditional gift
to you
M.S., The Sound of Dawn, 2011

Luna Tote

Terbit – Luna Tote

In the spirit of impressionism, the artist re-visited her prose and created a series of modern visual interpretations. Through several experiments with Chinese ink, her brush strokes convey a bold sense of vigor and innocence. The final impressions become a parody to wood-block printing – an old-school printing technique where imperfections may offer a unique beauty.

Red Rumor: Terbit & Embun Prints Edition
will be released this coming
Wednesday, 22nd of June 2016,
at all of Tulisan Jakarta Boutiques,
in Colony Kemang, Plaza Senayan,
and Darmawangsa Square The City Walk.
Please find the link below for full catalog

The Sound of Dawn Catalog

Terbit - Weekend Bag

Terbit – Weekend Bag

Terbit to symbolize the morning on a daily basis

Embun - Chemist Bag

Embun – Chemist Bag

Embun interpreted to appreciate the little things

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F: Tulisan
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Y: Tulisan Jakarta

Illustrated by Melissa Sunjaya
Text by Krishni Swandayani
Modelled by Krishni Swandayani 
Photography by Zharfani Padmasedhana and Bima Chris

Tulisan Chronicles Team

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