A while ago we took the time to shoot this video. We wanted to show you – who might live out of Jakarta, thus might have never been to our store – to also experience the wonder we feel every day.

The store’s interior is divided into three main areas, the verandah, the living area, and the pantry/ kitchen studio. Each is colored with a combination Tulisan’s quirkiness and Melissa’s private collection of vintage furniture. The organizers and stationeries collection are laid on the library and wardrobe shelf, while the outfit collection can now be easily find in a wardrobe closet on our way to the studio’s kitchen where teapot covers, aprons, tea towels, and teacups are set. Every thing interacts and creates a subtle concept to intrigue the customers’ imagination.

We are looking forward to share this experience with you in person, seven days a week from 9 am – 9 pm. Contact our team at info@tulisan.com or call our store at 62-21 72780235.

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