Bio Fantasy Book

Bio Fantasy Book First Edition

Bio Fantasy is a series of visual and storytelling project by Melissa Sunjaya. The project is dedicated to honouring Chairil Anwar, a literary maestro who gave birth to a new paradigm in Indonesian language and pioneered “Angkatan 45” (Indonesia’s art and literary movement in 1945).

The objective of this book is to increase public awareness on Chairil Anwar’s legacy as a national heritage by providing a contemporary perspective and a sensory experience in discovering the underlying message behind his work.

Melissa Sunjaya

Melissa Sunjaya

As a multi-dimensional artist from diverse creative disciplines, Melissa composed Bio Fantasy into a book which includes: An illustrated short fiction, 75 poems by Chairil Anwar with English translation by Prof. Burton Raffel, and 75 accompanying abstract artworks. Hand-lettered excerpts of Chairil Anwar’s poetry, which are secretly embedded in these work of art, can only be viewed with the provided red film lens. Active interactions of the readers, who viewed the Bio Fantasy artworks with the provided red film lens, unveils another form of live installation about ‘sense poetry’.

A Tribute To Chairil Anwar
Bio Fantasy Book First Edition
by Melissa Sunjaya
Will be released this coming
Lucky Wednesday, 21st of September 2016
Book signing start from 10.00 – 12.00
at Tulisan Plaza Senayan boutique
Level 2, Jalan Asia Afrika No. 8
South Jakarta

This event is open for public.


Pick up yours and see you there!

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