George Orwell’s 1984 is an ultimate classic that I have pend to read for way too long. I decided to take my vintage copy of the book and slipped into reverie.

When Orwell started writing the book, Europe had just ended its most futile war and was in the edge of Cold War. He predicted that within 39 years, this war on ideology would take over society and control human’s life.

I found it interesting to read Orwell’s vision now that the year 1984 has passed. I wonder how readers, in the years that lead to 1984, felt withf= the idea on this dystopic society where independent thought is a crime.

As surreal as it is for me, I could no longer tell if today’s news, how history is told, or even how our minds operate were results of our own thoughts or opinions we absorb because there were no choice – more or less resembling to Orwell’s prediction. In some parts of the world these matters come to an extreme.

The book’s political tone and opinion in seeing the course of society, humanity, and freedom aroused controversy yet remained relevant today. I guess, when ideology and politics becomes the only thing that matters, we no longer control them. – Rassi Narika

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