On August 17th, a new concept store at London was launched to celebrate products which crosses the ideals between gender, fashion, and ethics. Duo owner, Tigana Sari and Egle Rutkausk in their recent introduction believes, “By focusing on non-gender specific products, we provide a welcoming and non-judgemental environment for anyone who believes that style is beyond gender.”

They have carefully curated products which personally speak to their interest in supporting independent artists, makers, and embraces the thought of consuming thoughtfully and ethically. The products are sourced by working with people and brands from London and around the world to advocate a discussion on producing ethically – in hopes it can also build connections between fellow creators.

If in London, be sure to make your way there and take a peek at the Tulisan products they have nicely displayed at their store.

Netil Market E8 3RL
13-23 Westgate Street
E8 3RL London, United Kingdom

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Text by Athina Ibrahim
Photography courtesy of Christa Holka 

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