The Goods Dept. Pacific Place dedicated their main window display and 12 squared meter retail space for Tulisan.

9.30 pm: Twelve people of Tulisan team started to prepare key ingredients and create magic.

9.45 pm: The Goods Dept. team cleared the space for us to work

10.00 pm: Myra and Didi prepared the props.

10.15 pm: Ariani (Deputy of Production) helped with stuffing in our products, after a long day at the factory.

10.30 pm:  Didi arranged the flowers that went inside the biscuit canisters. The typography composition on them was designed by Myra, our Art Director.

10.45 pm: Each one of us was busy with our own to-do list.

11.00 pm: The theme was “Garden Party with Alice”.

11.15 pm: Didi (Partner & Advisor) created the magical set: a picnic area of a girl who spent her afternoon reverie reading “Sherlock Holmes” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and drinking tea.

11.30 pm: Working in silence, we designed and installed every display and lighting fixture from scratch.

11.45 pm: As a complete perfectionist nut, Lydia (Creative Director) was responsible in displaying all products within a grid structure.

12.00 pm: Vina (Chief of Business Development) made sure that we all worked according to the planogram that Della designed a few days earlier.

12.15 pm: Rassi (Brand Strategist) assembled the display table.

12.30 pm: Fadly (Chief of Operations and Finance) was resting on the floor after carrying the heavy yellow cabinet with the help of Misbah, Ismail and Bawon.

12.45 pm: Della (Technical Designer) was in charge of all assembling tools and visual merchandising components.

01.00 pm: The yellow cabinet was finally completed with all the props, lighting, and posters.

01.15 pm: All the products line-up were almost ready.

01.30 pm: I designed and prepared all the information graphics and solution cards.

02.00: We all went home around two in the morning. It was a late night, but we were so satisfied with the work. We hope you could come and see this installation at The Goods Dept. in Pacific Place.

Triple kisses, Melissa

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