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Mantilla Scarf { X2 }

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‘Mantilla’ is a Spanish name for a square scarf worn over the head and shoulders. The soft fabric is 100% cotton voile, all-natural fiber, treated with a special ‘BreatheEazy’ technology for anti-bacterial and anti-odour. This treatment makes it feel clean and cool on the skin, even in humid environments. Our Mantilla is a limited edition of 100 pieces, made with fair and ethical practices.

The 2022 Mantilla edition of ‘Cajeput’ depicts a typical Singaporean Peranakan house in the Kampong Glam District. This quaint district was once the village where the Javanese ancestors sailed as merchants and settled there long before colonial times. They lived in harmony with other tribes with different beliefs and formed a pluralistic community. At the time, the blue pigment of indigo plants and lapis lazuli were luxury commodities in vogue. I learnt that the word ‘Glam’ came from ‘Gelam’—an ancient Malay word for a particular species of ‘Kayu Putih’ (Indonesian Eucalyptus) or Cajeput plant. The people from Java, Sulawesi, and Sumatra who moved there named this area ‘Gelam’ because they were seamen and shipbuilders. They used the timber from this plant for building ships, the bark for waterproof woven finishing, and leaves for traditional remedies. This story reminds me of my Indonesian ancestors, who were affluent in cultural diversity and rich in knowledge.

For care and maintenance, please soak and hand-wash in cold water with mild soap for delicate fabrics. Do not twist or rub with force. Make sure to rinse the soap thoroughly. After washing, hang to air dry. Avoid direct sunlight. Do not place it in a dryer. To keep the colours, please use a thin fabric (preferably cotton) as an overlay when ironing so that the hot metal iron is not in direct contact with the printed scarf.

100% Cotton Voile
All Natural Fiber

114 x 114 cm | 45 x 45 in

0.12 kg
Due to our hand-made serigraphy process, every printing on each product is unique and varied from one to another. It is impossible to choose the printing of each product to be exactly the same on the showcased photos on our site or social media. These photos are for visual references of the products’ shapes only. The colours and alignments will never be the same from one print to another due to this manual labour.