Mantilla Scarf { X4 }

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‘Mantilla’ is a Spanish name for a square scarf worn over the head and shoulders. The material used is 100% Organic Cotton Voile 80s, a combination of controlled and certified natural wood fibre raw materials. The production process of this material maximises resource efficiency and minimises environmental impact.

This artwork depicts the overlooked historical narrative of noble female warriors in Java, during the late 18th and early 19th centuries. At the end of the Javanese wars, numerous artefacts of these female knights were discovered, complete with warrior uniforms and artillery equipment such as spears, firearms, swords, and daggers. They were highly skilled in horseback riding, combat, and even military strategy. Melissa stumbled upon this narrative while reading the book ‘Perempuan-perempuan Perkasa’ by Peter Carey and Vincent Houben—a dense and essential resource for her creative exploration.

For care and maintenance, please soak and hand-wash in cold water with mild soap for delicate fabrics. Do not twist or rub with force. Make sure to rinse the soap thoroughly. After washing, hang to air dry. Avoid direct sunlight. Do not place it in a dryer. To keep the colours, please use a thin fabric (preferably cotton) as an overlay when ironing so that the hot metal iron is not in direct contact with the printed scarf.

Organic Cotton Voile 80s


110 x 110 cm
43.30 x 43.30 in

0.12 kg

Due to our hand-made serigraphy process, every printing on each product is unique and varied from one to another. It is impossible to choose the printing of each product to be exactly the same on the showcased photos on our site or social media. These photos are for visual references of the products’ shapes only. The colours and alignments will never be the same from one print to another due to this manual labour.