In one of my trip to Singapore, Myra urged me to pay a visit to Ann Siang Hill Road. She was assured it was an area I would not want to miss.

Indeed she was right. Ann Siang Hill Road was a quiet lane across the hustling beat of Chinatown. Myra and I passed the Pagoda Street and, within seconds, the tranquility of the colorful east-meets-west architectures enveloped our steps.

The area was named after Chia Ann Siang, a wealthy Malacca-born Hokkien Chinese sawmiller who bought Ann Siang Hill and Mount Erskine area. He was a leading merchant during his time worked for British firm Boustead and Company before going into the timber business and became a partner of the firm Geok Teat and Company in 1863.

I feel like going back and forth in time seeing the amusing paradox of the street’s details: vintage tiles at the background of parking cars and mailbox next to state-of-the-art password-locked entrance.



From café to firm offices, wine parlor to children book store, Ann Siang Hill easily became my muse. – Rassi Narika

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