A few years ago, when Melissa Sunjaya and the Tulisan team started their small booth in Darmawangsa Square, the idea of actually opening a store outside of Jakarta, let alone out of Indonesia, was still far from their mind. The goal then was to get Tulisan known for what it valued.


Today, witnessing the rapid growth of Tulisan and the people who have followed us throughout the years brings a tremendous feeling of gratitude to the people who have joined us to make our dreams worthwhile.



Our newest friends of Plus62Ima S Chambers, Richard M Hurst, and Farah S Suraputra — gave Tulisan its own life in a city where iconic buildings, heritage, and advance infrastructure are intertwined as one. Singapore blasting with its dynamic vision welcomed our humble store to be part of its vibrant growth.



Different from our usual presence of  friends and family in Jakarta, we were gracefully welcomed by the honourable Mrs. Ferial Hadi, the wife of current ambassador to Singapore. Surprisingly with a few familiar faces in Indonesia’s film industry, Emlo Hilyawan and Caroline Zachrie. 


We were also given a local taste of the music scene from the lovable jazz duo, Polkadot & Moonbeam, letting us sway in the romantic harmony which joyfully created a pleasant mood and atmosphere for the store.

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To equip the romantic mood of the opening, while we spent our day chatting with the new faces, we delightfully indulged the Sparkling wine by Straits Wine Company, the abundant chocolate jar and cake pop made especially by Foo Mei-Zee, and freshly made delicacies by Chef Diego Chiarini of OSO Ristorante



As Melissa shared her terrible experience of being badly bitten and wounded by her pet dog when she was younger, she made a point of sharing to the audience how her belief of coming through all the pain and trauma with an open hand to be the premise of what Tulisan is today. And luckily, her belief of reaching boundless possibilities has landed her lovable offspring to Singapore.

Tulisan’s store by Plus62
Mandarin Gallery Orchard Unit 4-28, 333A
Orchard Road, Singapore 238897

Reported by Zharfani Aulia. Written by Athina Ibrahim.
Photography by Melissa Sunjaya, Krishni Swandayani, and Zharfani Aulia.

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