Our Giclée Prints are made to bring much life to a setting of a modern home.


Set agains clear symmetrical lines of well-designed furniture, Anima Giclée revive an appreciation for bold lines full of stories.


Ancient Greek philosophers believed that four classical elements were the basic constituents of all matter. These elements were Earth, Water, Air and Fire. As we are mortal beings, all of our elements eventually return to the universe.


The representing Animals of a Lynx, Barn Owl, Frog, and Warlus will showcase a balance  by showing your archetype — your truest self and your ultimate source of creativity.


Liven your home with the ANIMA home series we have in store for you!


Available at our Darmawangsa Square and Plaza Senayan store.


Photography by Michał Górzyński
Illustrations by Melissa Sunjaya & Sébastien Théraulaz
Collection Design by Melissa Sunjaya & Weina Ding

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