WP_DSCF1885As the new year comes around, many of us make many resolutions: exercise, eat better, impress the boss, get a raise, spend more time with your kids. They are all well intentioned but when it comes down to it, it really just means less beauty ZZZs, unless you put rest more on your list of resolutions of course. 😛

For those of us that did NOT add sleep more to that list, there are a few things that get less and less attention as the year starts picking up speed, one of the first being our skin! Aside from drinking heaps and heaps of water, sometimes we still need a little pick me up after a long week.

My favorite part of 3pm is the little caffeine break I take, a quick Macchiato and bam! I am back the front of the race. Well, it turns out that caffeine works the same way for your skin. DUH?! The magic drink does it again!


So if you’re having a long week, or just feel like a little natural pick me up for your skin, body or face, try this SUPER easy little recipe. I swear by it. The best part is that you probably already have all of the ingredients sitting in your kitchen cupboard!

WP_DSCF1876So here it is:
1 part Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 parts Coffee grounds (a super fine grain like Turkish or Espresso are recommended if you plan to use this for your face)
2 parts Brown Sugar or Palm Sugar.

FOR FACE: I recommend using honey for your face because even the the finest grain sugar can be a little rough for the gentle skin on your face. So try cutting the oil, and substituting it with honey.

WP_DSCF1920Mix it all together. Then scrub!

WP_DSCF1916If you find the combination a little too oily for you, cut down on the oil, and subtitute the remainder of the liquid with honey to wet the grounds and sugar.

I like to do this right before I sleep so I can let the olive oil moisturize my skin after that energizing coffee boost. You know, channelling my inner Greek Goddess!

xx Gabbie 
Photography by Urip

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