I have a deep admiration and endless appreciation towards the late Michael D. Ruslim (29 November 1953 – 20 January 2010) for having him as my life mentor and father figure. Since my childhood, he has supported my mother and I with pure unconditional compassion and kindness. I found out much later in my life that every single pair of shoes that I had worn throughout my elementary school years was given by him. In the middle of his busy days in Citibank or in Astra International, Michael had always been there for me to set aside time in tutoring and editing my essays. He gave me the confidence in writing. His belief in my capacity had been the most profound gift I could have ever asked from anyone. Today, writing has become one of my deepest passion and remedy. It has lifted me up from the worst fear, sadness and pain in my life. Writing has empowered me to catch all my dreams.

Michael was a very detailed and patient mentor. He made me feel that I was his own daughter and his only apprentice. The truth was that he always cared for everyone as his own children and students. He gave compassion without any prejudice. I will celebrate his unconditional love by following his footsteps.

Michael Ruslim was a leader who place humanity above all.

To our dearest Michael, thank you for everything.

Tripple kisses, Melissa

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