In an interview with Tulisan’s designer, Weina Ding, she defined the importance of trend forecasting. “Trend forecasting is not only about fashion. It is a bit like alchemy – you are looking for elements to make something.” Trend forecasting is defined by a whole organization of thought influenced by its immediate surrounding. There are many analysis and reports involved and people who specialize on that. They generally investigate what is going on in the world – culturally, artistically, and through technology,” Weina remarks.


In the “China Color Trend Book 2015 – 2016” which was introduced to us in 2013, we already understand the patterns of cause and events leading to the stated forecasting this year. With the focus being on China, this book unravels the relation of Asian values to aesthetic awareness. Tulisan was proudly introduced in this book for strong aesthetic presence and nationalistic influences.



The first one is Petite is Pretty. The evolution of small families and raising number of singles influences the production of products. The saying, “everything good comes in small sizes” becomes more popular as products are now made in smaller packages and lower price to fit the smaller wages.

Second keyword is Online Shopping. With the restrained hours and demands for personalized experience, online shopping is taken to a newer level where everyone is treated as VIP and wishes for more customization in the services.

The third aspect is Reborn. Active international changes and global influences of the Internet make almost everything synonymous to each other. This creates a convergence to trace back historical roots of tradition and infuse creativity and inspiration to heritage value.

The fourth is Wechat. Social media becomes an increasing platform to share moments and create experiences to interact and make purchases.

The fifth element is Construction of the New Space. This explains the current wave of industrialization and an urbanization as we observe the cross culture of traditional architecture to modern spaces.

The sixth aspect is Shansui City. Rebelling against the fast tune nature of times. This ideology reflects a modern city with its poetic conception of nature – Born through demands of a slower life and a longing for natural landscapes.

The seventh is Surrealism. Surrealism is a psychological experience using different unique, humorous, fairy tale style, which creates a dreamy and alluring state.

The final is Bionics. An application of mimicking bio-structure evolved from manufacturing and home appliances. Bionics embodies nature structure of god and animals.

From the keywords above the trend for 2015-2016 became these six values:

Asian Values



Invisible Sense













Ideal Figure




China Color Trend Palette


Text by Athina Ibrahim
Photography by Hotmaidah Nainggolan

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