Walking around Jakarta’s busiest shopping district in Senayan, some may have taken their attention towards a petite woman in red cardigan, navy blue skirt, and long red socks. You then zoom in towards the twirl of mustache on her face, before realizing this woman surrounded by a gigantic deck of cards on the hanging banners of Plaza Senayan is an open invitation to Tulisan’s second boutique grand opening.


The thought of seeing Melissa Sunjaya with a (obviously drawn) mustache may be peculiar. But to Tulisan, she is representing the surrealist aspect of the opening theme: House of Cards.


Celebrated last Wednesday, March 25, 2015, the second boutique showcases the latest season of Anima – the set of playing cards illustrated by Melissa Sunjaya and Sébastien Théraulaz also introduced as a postcard, Giclee, and new totes: Hobo Tote, Theory bag, and Principia Tote. As an extension to the Anima collection, the final Plume series were also launched in colors Light Lemon and Nero Jet.


“According to Carl Jung (the founder of analytical psychology) the Anima is an archetype which epitomizes our truest self and is the ultimate source of our creativity. The awareness of our opposite self makes us a complete individual.” writes Melissa Sunjaya. Exploring the feminine and masculine inner personality – hence, the literal aspect of Melissa adorning a mustache.


The party supported by our dear friends at Komunal 88, where we were treated an exquisite range of fresh pastries and sparkling wine, was already welcomed cheerfully by friends of Tulisan as soon as we opened the door at 10:00 a.m. Continuing throughout the day, the crowd escalated where we witness a number of people requesting an autography for the favorite Tulisan merchandise from our founding artist, to having Melissa explain next to our CEO, Muhammad Zulfadly (Fadly), about the important milestones Tulisan has managed to collect during the past 5 years.


“Art is the basic right of a human being,” Melissa shares defiantly in front of the crowded journalist in the afternoon session, when asked whether the market in Indonesia is ready to appreciate an artist-illustration editions. Fadly continues discussing on aspects of the sustainable aspect of the business. Discussing everything from employee wealth fare to creating a system where everything from material procurement to production is done on a healthy standard.


“The game of life, much like a game of cards, is a wild mix of luck and destiny,” writes Melissa Sunjaya. Just as Tulisan has chronicled through its own graces and losses, with the doors opening for its second location, Tulisan with its immense imagination and dreams of the impossible continues to unfold with much intuition and appreciation of the unknown.


Text by Athina Ibrahim
Photography by Hotmaidah Nainggolan 

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